Hi I am Trevor Morrison and I am running for your Ward 4 Town Councillor.  I am very excited about this opportunity and I would be honoured to represent our community.  I am responsive, reliable and ready to take on this role so please learn about me, my priorities and of course, contact me if you have any questions.  I want to get things done in our community and town with fiscal accountability and transparency to make it even better.  Click on the link below to contact me and learn how I am committed to our community.


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I am committed to:

  • Keeping the small town soul in our growing vibrant community

  • Continue incorporating excellent people-centred spaces in our towns design

  • Further develop and maintain safe communities

Meet Trevor

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Get to know me

My wife Stephanie and I were born and raised in Newmarket. Growing up here we have witnessed the ongoing growth of Newmarket from a small town. We embrace the exciting future of Newmarket while valuing the small town feel we grew up with. I believe that continuing to incorporate vibrant people-gathering spaces, green spaces and community building events into the future growth of Newmarket are essential to maintaining our small town soul. I look forward to working with the residents of ward 4, community leaders and organizations to realize that vision. 


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As your councillor I will strive to ensure that any concerns from the residents of Ward 4 will be addressed in a timely manner and I will respond within 24 hours of contacting me.  In my role as a Chiropractor I am aware of the importance of active listening and the need for a rapid response to clients concerns and needs.  I know that having a prompt reply to a question or concern allows for quick resolution so we can continue to enjoy our day to day lives.


Please feel free to communicate with me in any way you feel comfortable. In addition to email and telephone I will be available on social media platforms for contact as well as holding semi-annual meetings and an annual neighbourhood event. Of course, you can talk with me in person at any of our town’s amazing events. Every question, concern or comment you have is important to me.


Safe communities

As a parent and resident of a rapidly growing community I recognize the need for safety. I believe it is the right of all residents to feel safe in their community. Two areas I will be perusing with the town council are: 

1.    Enhanced lighting of gathering spaces, trails, paths and parks

2.    The implementation of a consolidated strategy to respond to concerns related to increased traffic and speeding in our neighbourhood.


Downtown Newmarket

-      Investigate options to improve and increase parking

-      Ensure future development of Old Clock Tower integrates heritage and functionality

-      Determine the best use of space for the Newmarket Public Library with respect to new development, repurposed spaces and satellite buildings

People centred spaces

Green spaces and sporting venues bring communities and people together.  Many communities today recognize the importance of creating a more livable community by enhancing local recreation opportunities.  As your councillior, I will strive to bring recreational opportunities closer to home by providing an outdoor skating rink and tennis court within ward 4, which allows us to walk or ride to.



-      Increase requirements on affordable housing for new developments

-      Develop and expand by-laws regarding in-fill development with existing communities in order to ensure cohesive planning

-      Ensure that repercussions such as fines for the town's maintenance of properties that fall below by-law standards be enforced to ensure that our communities are a place where pride of ownership is displayed  


Contact Me

If you want to know more about my campaign, have any questions or would like to help out in any way (e.g. lawn signs, donations, door knocking) please fill out your information below and I will respond to you by the end of the day.


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How to Vote!

the Newmarket municipal election will be either online or by telephone - yes, it's different than what we are all used to.  

So, in order to cast your vote this election please make sure you are registered to vote at  

This is a different list from the provincial election so even though you received the voter card during the provincial election you may or may not be on the list for our Newmarket municipal election.  

When you visit you can either confirm your information (address and names of eligible voters in the household) or add the information - it's really easy!  

Once this is done, in september you will receive a voter card in the mail which will contain your PIN number.  You will need this PIN number to cast your vote either online or by telephone during the voting period of October 13-22, 2018.

If you have any questions about the voting process please contact me or click on the link below to connect you to for more information.